Casa Delphine was created as a place for creative world travelers to come experience San Miguel, to travel off the beaten path, to witness incredible culture from within the tranquil walls of a Mexican home. Every detail counts. Every corner has a story, and every piece of furniture has a thoughtful artisan behind it.

The hotel’s intimate scale of only five suites gives it a distinctly residential feel, with airy rooms and natural light streaming in through large glass doors and windows with geometric detail.



Amanda’s concept was to create a luxurious place to stay and unwind with a beautifully curated community dining table for guests to enjoy conversation and revelations with fellow travelers, and a uniquely blue lobby which gives a pop of color and style.


In my home, and at the hotel, every single corner is a story, and nothing is in the hotel that does not serve a purpose.When I arrived, the hotel was filled with chatchkes… lots of small decorative pieces that made the space feel overly full and distracted from the beautiful architecture. Some people feel fulfilled by having a lot of décor, but for me, it feels excessive. My priority was and is always to create a clean line where each piece of furniture in the room creates a statement, and where no extraneous stuff is seen — the clean lines create a calm and zen feel.