3 days of hands-on classes promoting Good Gut Health

Taught by the talented and knowledgeable Amsterdam wellness chef Samantha Koch, these fun and information packed classes will inspire guests to make the best daily dietary decisions, to enhance energy levels, connect with their gut and boost overall function in their day to day!

DATE & TIME: Nov 14, 15, or 16 from 11am-1pm

COST: $600 MXN ($30 USD) per class
RSVP and payment needed in advance. Limited to 15 people per day

Day 1. Introduction to Gut Health | Activating & Sprouting:
In the first workshop you will be introduced to the basics of good gut health – why and how. This is followed by the first practical demonstration and lesson about activating and sprouting certain whole foods to awaken their life force, optimise their digestibility and increase the availability of other nutritional benefits.


Day 2. Activated Recipes:
In the second workshop you will be taught what to do with the activated (soaked) whole foods from the previous class. Practical lessons on alternatives to processed foods, by learning how to make your own plant milks, butters and other easy & delicious recipes to incorporate more healthy whole foods in your diet.


Day 3. Fermentation & Pickling:
The final workshop is an introduction to the power of fermentation & pickling, the health benefits of fermented foods and drinks with easy recipes to replicate at home. You will learn how to make traditional Mexican Tepache, how to lacto-ferment & preserve vegetables to make escabeche, curtido, salsas and hot sauces.

DATE & TIME: Nov 18 from 7-10pm

COST: $2,400 MXN
RSVP and payment needed in advance. Seating limited to 12.

In 1975 the surrealist spanish painter Salvador Dali created the Universal Tarot, a unique deck of cards that mixes classical paintings with esoteric meanings. The intuitive technique to read this Tarot is meant to open our mind and heart to all the positive possibilities of life. Join us this evening to honor one of the greatest creative minds of the 20th-century, the great Salvador Dali!


This month’s dinner includes:

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Informative talk about Salvador Dali and his esoteric meaning
  • Private Tarot reading
  • Four-course meal prepared by Chef Vanessa Romero
  • Two wine pairings


Join us in our great room with a fireplace, at our dining room that seats 22 people, or in one of our private courtyards. We love hosting private dinners and inviting others to celebrate life’s most important events here.

We are always interested in collaborating with writers, artists, and speakers to host afternoon and evening events like:


  • Mezcal tastings
  • Wine pourings
  • Tarot readings
  • Art exhibitions
  • Pop up dinners with guest chefs
  • Cooking classes